Nice toys/puzzles/stuff in wood are hard to come by. BUT we make em!


OK, All of use peeps, Bye fer now!

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Here are some of the things we make

These are Band saw Boxes, Laminated, usually I do them in Red Cedar. Cut and match the grains, Glue up and then cut on a band saw

These can be expensive BUT...We Get only $54.00 each. (we make these radomly, If custom add $12.00) Shipping is free! EmailMe


BUNK BEDS for tots and really, anyone who wants a mini version of a bunk bed for there stuff. Measures around 16"Wx10"Dx12"H

On the net they are $159-230.00

We are at $99.00 delivered free! EmailMe

Wood butterflys!

They have pipe cleaner feelers, Center rib, all colored and hand decorated. $X coatings with clear acylics. We sell in sets of 4. ALL hangable. They are $48.00 for the set EmailMe

They are 2 sided wood signs. Have Google eyes and stakes to drive in the earth. Showing HI! on one side and BYE! on the other. Great for garden areas. $32.00 free delivery EmailMe

Server For wine& Cheese SOLID walnut, polished top with foot pads and 4 Glasses with wine opener $65.00 Free delivery EmailMe

Clocks, This one Around 18"round

Hanger with stainless wire $52.00 Free Delivery EmailMe






More stuff here...

Man Cave beer bottle cap saver

Attached to a wall or hung. Make a great conversational piece. YOUR name goes on these. Comes in sets of 2 at $55.00 delivered EmailMe

Chalk boards, Every ones favorite. U can have the kids doodle or use it as your reminder for the shopping list, menu's, Garage oil nchange date or just as everyone of those kiddies do...Draw MOMMY! These are Best sellers. Cost, one is $28.00 3 go for $65.00 ! What a deal! EmailMe

Wood display boards, Used for stores and applicable areas to advertize Cost is variable EmailMe for pricing of your size and taste

Names we are famous for, Every kids room wants one. Either like above or what is below as wall hangers these are the most personalized items You can get them. All solid Hardwoods, oak, walnut, pines They start at (for the mini plaques) approx. 8-10"wX2.5"hX3"d.Costs at $24.00 each and we do discounts on 3 or more. EmailMe

These are Hangers and Boasts two coat hangers, we supply Stainless steel wire securely done in the back These are $55.00 each We do have quantity discounts free delivery EmailMe

We Make "Extraordinary Cards" Close up Below here (approx. 4"W X 6"T)

These are 5 for $10.00 Free shipping EmailMe all kinds, ask us!






We are always making NEW items. I Will post them as we go. Next are Woor Puzzles with Your choice of names into the puzzle. Up to 7 letters if more we will have to charge for the increase. Some names may be "Stacked"
Don't be afraid, ASK US! We go by the seasons, also . But we like to be original! Try us, Maybe we can do something for U or a loved one. Wife, Children and Family. WE ALSO CAN do sumptin fer Yer pet! YES...Your pet, Ha!